Chris Niarchos | Sales and Marketing Insights

Founder and chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, Chris Niarchos is a successful entrepreneur. He oversees a portfolio of businesses under the Cobra Group umbrella, in fields as diverse as management consultancy, software development, aviation industry recruitment and training and high-performance race-car design and manufacture.

The Cobra Group now has 15 subsidiaries, including Appco Group, which is one of the world’s leading face-to-face marketing organisations.

Setting up his first company in Sydney, Australia, in 1987, Chris has built a business empire that now spans the globe, and he continues to build on this success.

He remains as passionate and driven now as he was when he set up his own company at the age of 22. An inspirational leader, he sets the strategic direction for the companies within his group and ensures that the objectives of each of these organisations are met.