Why people are the key to great marketing

I’ve seen every form of marketing in action, and regardless of the method or whether it’s a big or small campaign, I don’t believe anything beats having people at the heart of it.

With multi-media advertisements dominating the marketing sector, and an ever-increasing dependence on social media strategies, the immense value of one-on-one connections can be forgotten.

Emphasis is often put on reaching the largest audience possible, but in doing so, the messages that businesses are trying to get across can be diluted. The selling points of a product or service are generalised in a one-size-fits-all approach so that a lot of people don’t hear about the features that are most relevant to them.

Face-to face marketing, however, opens up a two-way communication, giving marketers the ability to better convey passion for a product and establish connections with potential customers.

Right place, right time, right person

We’ve heard it said a million times: “You had to be there.” As far as marketing goes, this couldn’t be more accurate.

Second-hand information is rarely as good as hearing it straight from the source. This is the theory behind great direct marketing. The product information is tailored specifically for the person the representative is speaking to, the representative’s knowledge is excellent, their enthusiasm is real, and so their ability to educate, motivate and inspire is so much stronger.

Without a doubt, digital marketing has its place, but as it increasingly becomes the way of the world, direct human contact is all the more important.

People appreciate the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation – the chance to be treated as a person and not just a faceless consumer in front of a screen.

It’s that personal connection that also makes this type of marketing so much more valuable in the long-term. A conversation leaves a lasting impression – at the end of the day, people remember people.

Chris Niarchos is founder and chairman of The Cobra Group of Companies, which has a diverse portfolio of businesses, including direct marketing specialist Appco Group.